The mother institution of ATINs, it was established in 2003 at Dina in Punjab province and is spread over 29 acres of land, astride Grand Trunk Road. It is located at a distance of 100 Kilometers from Islamabad. ATIN Dina has the capacity to train 1000 trainees with boarding lodging facilities of 750 trainees. ATIN Dina have trained over 21000 trainees in short courses and over 15000 in different cadres.

  • In early 90s, its infrastructure was developed as NLC Project Camp Site for construction of Rawalpindi to Kharian Dual-Carriage-Way.
  • In 2003 drivers’ training school was established at this location for better utilization of infrastructure that became available on completion of project.
  • In 2006, this Driving School was placed under newly raised HQ ATINs and its training services were extended to general public.
  • In 2010, the scope of this institute was broadened to include Applied Technologies & Construction Machinery courses and it was re-designated as ATIN & DS (Applied Technologies Institute & Driving School) Dina.

ATIN Dina is currently offering training in Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Construction Technology, Heavy Machinery Operator, Mechanical Handling Equipment, Automobile Technology and Driving trades.


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